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E N Q U I R Y  

B   O   O   K   I   N   G



Before sending a tattoo enquiry, please read the following information:


  • You must be OVER 18 to be tattooed in the UK. This is law and no exceptions can be made (even with parental consent.) 

  • We have 3 Artists currently working at Marked One Tattoo Studio who all work with differing styles. Please make sure you have looked through each Artists work to ensure you are booking in with the Artist who is best suited to your needs.

  • Cover-ups are accepted, however it is recommended that the tattoo is faded or has undergone laser treatment.

  • Our Artists will end up finding their own imagery for the tattoo as they will be looking for specific elements from the image to allow them to be tattooed successfully and work with their specific style.

  • The final design is available at the earliest one day before the tattoo, or on the day of tattoo (can be a few days before if we are less busy) but Artists usually work with the client and create an idea at the start of the appointment.

  • Our Artists won't copy other tattooists work and won't repeat any work done.

  • Unfortunately not every tattoo idea is possible.. with this in mind, we do reserve the right to decline tattoos based on whether or not our Artists feel they can achieve a result that they feel represents their abilities.


These few simple rules help us simplify communication and make booking easier and faster. Of course, it is possible that these directions will not work for you – completely understandable. In this case we are sure you will be able to find another Artist for you – everyone functions differently.

 The best way to get an awesome tattoo is to simply give a theme/idea and let the Artist create something really unique for you! (The more the artist enjoys creating a piece – the better it will turn out!)

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A polite reminder; we no longer sell vouchers.
As advertised online and in shop, the credit card style vouchers expired in 2017. These were extended an extra 6 months before they expired. The black paper dated vouchers have had 6 months extended on to the dates due to Covid-19 interruptions.  
 This has been advertised on social media/website for over 12 months.

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